Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sugar StripEase

So I was browsing on the boots website, as you do, and was looking through the hair removal section, always trying to find something new!  On the last page I saw an item called Sugar StripEase, i was intrigued so decided to take a look.

It said it was a sugar based waxing kit which was super easy to use and cheap! only £9.99!.  The reviews were excellent, all mostly 5 stars, some even claiming that the waxing process was painless, I had to try it!

I went into my local Boots, and looked in the hair removal section but couldn't see it, I asked the woman and she hadn't even heard of it, so had no other option but to order it on-line.  I ordered it next day delivery, just because I'm so impatient!

When it arrived, the packaging was lovely!  Pink and girly, really nice.  It comes with 3 wooden spatulas, 2 regular and 1 small (for precise waxing, eyebrows) and around 15 waxing strips.  I decided to do my eyebrows first, I took the lid off the container and popped it in the microwave on medium setting for 60 seconds until it resembled runny honey.  I tested a small bit on my wrist to make sure it wasn't too hot and went on to tame my monobrow!  I cut one of the strips into smaller sections to make it more managable and away I went.

I think when people claimed it was painless they were exaggerating just a bit.  I would say it's probably on par with regular waxing.  The results were good, alot better than before!

Since it is a sugar based wax it breaks down in water, so if you make a mistake and put wax in the wrong place, you can simply wipe it off with water and you can also re use the strips by just rinsing them under the tap.  I have to be honest this was a complete selling point to me!  Really good for the environment too!

Over all I'm really happy with this product, I'll just have to withstand the pain for super smooth skin!

My tamed brows!

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